UNIVERSAL RELIGION Web site of the new religion

The universal religion - the ancient religion. Proponents of universal religion were the ancient Pharaohs, conquerors, inventors, discoverers.

Universal religion returns to the human nature. Just observing the laws of the universal religion, a person can live a happy life.


The universal religion - it is a list of rules and laws by which the universe is built.

The man who lives by these rules comes to happiness. Because in the universe, everything works according to these rules.

Rules of the Universe, have been known since ancient times. First, the ancient people could not unite them together. But intuition told them that this is the surest way

The Sumerians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, they were based on a set of rules, which got them from their ancestors. After the arrival on Earth of new religions, such as Christianity, all this knowledge is destroyed.

Records of ancient philosophers were burnt and destroyed, for two thousand years.

But these rules, the rules of the universe, can not be destroyed, because they are in each of you.

And 2,000 years later, finally, there was a universal religion, which unite in themselves the ancient knowledge and new rules.

You may be shocked, but did not follow the complex rules of the universe, you gain true happiness.

On these laws of the universe, known astronauts, inventors and scientists.

We spent a great deal of work that would unite all the rules and laws of the universe, in one place and give you a chance to get what you deserve. Happiness!

The universal religion - this is not the worship of false gods.

The universal religion - is when a person realizes that he is part of the vast universe.

The universe has created each one of us, that we lived by the rules of the universe and were happy.